The Team

At Index Engineering Ltd, we take pride in the expertise and commitment of our staff. We have a truly multicultural team with engineers/designers hailing from South Africa, Scotland, Iran, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and of course, New Zealand. By working as a team, we share expertise, experience and alternative ways of doing things, allowing us to offer practical and innovative solutions to our clients.

Managing Director/Technical Manager

Jan Snyman CPEng CMEngNZ ASME Accredited Pressure Vessels, Pressure Piping and Boilers Design Verifier.
Jan Snyman founded Index Engineering Ltd in 2010, after 30 years in the Engineering Field. He holds qualifications in Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Surveying and Building Design and is a Chartered Professional Engineer. He became an accredited Design Verifier in 2005. Jan specialises in pressure equipment, boilers, piping, API tanks and EOT cranes and has extensive experience in the Pulp and Paper and energy sectors.

Director/Accounts Manager

Ingrid Snyman BA PGDipURP
Ingrid has a background in planning and policy, and provides business support for the company, including accounts payable and receivable.

Project Manager

Tom Knight BE (Hons) MEngNZ
Tom joined Index Engineering after completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) at Canterbury University in 2012. He has worked on a diverse range of projects over the last six years, including pressure equipment, pressure piping, storage tanks, monorail assessment and FEA analysis.

Senior Design Engineer

Eham Kanesha BSc Eng MEng St CMEngNZ MIE Aust CPEng
Eham is a Chartered Professional Engineer with a Master’s Degree from Auckland University, specialising in metal formation and heat transfer. He has over 40 years of engineering experience in heavy industrial engineering across the globe and is highly skilled in engineering design, calculations and research.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Hadi Shirgir BE
Hadi brings 18 years’ experience in the design of complex pressure piping to this role. He has predominantly worked in the Oil and Gas Sector in Iran and UAE and has over 10 years’ experience as Lead Engineer.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Puneet Malik BE CPEng CMEngNZ
Puneet has 15 years’ experience on heavy industrial projects, with the last ten years working on projects in New Zealand and Australia. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and is skilled in pressure piping, stress analysis and process equipment.

Mechanical Engineer

Hayden Lewis BE MEngNZ
Hayden has been working as a mechanical engineer for over ten years in a range of industries, both in New Zealand and the UK. Over the last three years at Index Engineering, he has worked on piping and pressure vessels including seismic design of pressure equipment, and design for projects in the pulp and paper sector.

Mechanical Engineer

Denny Budisulistyo BSc ME PhD
Denny is a highly qualified engineer, having completed a BSc (Indonesia), MSc (Germany) and most recently a Doctorate (Canterbury University, 2017). Denny has an ongoing interest in energy conversion and engineering systems and he brings ten years of practical experience working as a mechanical engineer within the Indonesian Pulp and Paper Industry to his role at Index Engineering.

Senior Designer

James van Heerden
James is a 3D Design and drafting professional, with over 25 years drafting experience in heavy industry, including oil and gas, hydro, mining, pulp and paper, water treatment and industrial plants. James uses Solidworks Simulation to aid FEA analysis.

Designer/Admin Support

Kerri Briggs
Kerri is the first point of contact when you call the office, helping with job allocation and proposals. In addition, she is a CAD Designer, bringing her overseas experience in piping and the oil and gas industry to this role.

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