The Team

Managing Director/Technical Manager

Jan Snyman MIPENZ, CPEng (Mech), ASME, Certified Pressure Vessels, Pressure Piping and Boilers Design Verifier.
Jan Snyman founded Index Engineering Ltd in 2010, after 30 years in the Engineering Field. Jan holds qualifications in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Building Design and has extensive experience in the Pulp and Paper Industry in both South Africa and New Zealand.

On moving to New Zealand in 1996, Jan developed a specialisation in the Mechanical Engineering field. He became a Design Verifier in 2005.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Hadi Shirgir BMechE
Hadi brings over 16 years’ experience in the design of complex pressure piping to this role. He has predominantly worked in the Oil and Gas Sector.

Senior Design Engineer

Nicky Shaw BE (Hons), MIPENZ, CPEng, Certified Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping Design Verifier.
Currently on parental leave

Senior Design Engineer

Eham Kanesha BSc Eng, MEng St, MIPENZ CPEng, MIE Aust CPEng
Eham brings over 30 years’ engineering experience to his role at Index Engineering Ltd. He has worked in the fields of transport, steel production, mining, power stations, hydraulics and food processing in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and Zambia.

Mechanical Engineer

Hayden Lewis BE GIPENZ
Hayden has been working as a mechanical engineer for ten years in a range of industries in both New Zealand and the UK. He has been involved in industrial plant, production and research and development.

Mechanical Engineer

Tom Knight BE (Hons) GIPENZ
Tom completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering at Canterbury University in 2012 and has been working at Index Engineering Ltd since graduating.

Senior Designer

James van Heerden
James is a 3D Design and drafting professional, with over 25 years drafting experience in heavy industry, including oil and gas, mining, water treatment and industrial plants.


Kerri Briggs
Kerri is a CAD Designer who brings overseas experience in piping and the oil and gas industry to the role.

Director/Accounts Manager

Ingrid Snyman BA PGDipURP
Ingrid provides admin and business support for the company, including accounts payable and receivable.

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