Design Verification

In Design Verification, checks are made to ensure that the design is safe, that the correct materials are specified, that the designer has not made unsupportable assumptions or applied incorrect logic and that arithmetic errors have been identified and corrected.  Design Verification allows a client to feel confident that a proposal has been designed to the required standards, criteria and legislation.

Index Engineering Ltd is recognised as an inspection body under Regulation 25 of the Health and Safety in Employment (Pressure Equipment, Cranes and Passenger Ropeways Regulations) 1999 [PECPR Regulations].
The company has been issued a Certificate of Accreditation to provide Design Verification for Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping Hazard Levels A-E, Boilers and Type A Cranes.

Index Engineering Ltd maintains an ISO AS/NZS 17020 quality system that is accredited by International Accreditation NZ (IANZ).

  Information for Design Verification of pressure piping

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Design Verification
Shell stressing
Stress modelling of Vessel
Stress modelling of Piping